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Atlantic Plastic Recycling Background

  • The Company was first established in June 1989 and is a family-owned private company.
  • All our plant, machinery & equipment are high quality, custom-made for the purpose & imported from specialist overseas suppliers
  • The plant and machinery adaptions for local conditions are done in-house to our own specifications & design
  • We remain one of the largest independent, privately-owned plastic recyclers in South Africa

Skills Development & Training

  • We recruit, train & develop our own employees, mostly in-house
  • We have built our own training facilities for this purpose
  • We also train up sorters of our suppliers in the various types of plastic
  • We brief & share our knowledge & experience in this field with:
    • University groups
    • School groups
    • Interested private individuals
    • Researchers in the Plastic Waste Management field
    • Media & other Interest groups

Preferred Suppliers To

  • J-10 Plastics (Specialising in recycled plastic packaging - www.jtenplastics.co.za)
  • Tuffy Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd - One of the largest supplier of recycled refuse bags (www.tuffy.co.za)
  • Primwood Products (Suppliers of Plastic Waste Bins, Dog Kennels, D.I.Y. Poles & Planking, Outdoor Furniture & Jungle Gyms - www.primwood.co.za)

Socio-Economic Development

We train up and support a large number of small & indigent plastic scrap Collectors & Buy-Back Centres

We sponsor some of the more than 1,200 children at the sixteen Primary Schools and crèches & encourage other businesses, groups & individuals to do the same or to seek other opportunities to open or donate to a crèche or school of their own choice. See how to become involved or sponsor a child or children in the "Heaven On Earth Project" at www.hoep.org.za for details.

Plastics: Too good to throw away | Do not litter - avoid - reduce
Re-use - recover - recycle
Plastics: Too good to throw away
Do not litter - avoid - reduce
Re-use - recover - recycle